January 1, 2008
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Hannah and Me having fun

December 3, 2007
Hack-a-Day Entry

Hack-a-Day Entry

December 2, 2007
Lack of will power has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability.
Flower A Newhouse

Hack a Day Update: Good News & Bad News

Good News: Hack a Day" published the submission I sent them.

Bad News: They did not link it to the viral video of the my boys riding the wiimote horse. I will send them an update and hope they will add adjust the submission.

I make it to the best hack site on the web, and I end up submitting the lamest video of me, when the important thing was the boy’s video. Well I guess it was a how to site instead of a “Wow look at that kid riding a frigin’ horse playing some video game” site.

Lesson Learned: Always put the full content of your submission into the body of the submission form, and not in the following form fields:

  • Related URL (optional):
  • Your site’s URL (optional, but we really like checking out new sites)

Poor communication on my part I guess. But I’m sure they will rectify my error.

Update: My bad - Apparently I did not look close enough. At the bottom of the entry was a link with the single word, read , it got lost since it was right next to the link where I was rambling about my state when I created the first video. Opps.

December 1, 2007

Submission to Hack a Day

Below is my submission to Hack-a-Day, one of my favoirite sites. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll see it there soon.

Wiimote attached to a Spring Horse controlling Need for Speed on a PC(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBV8lx5qUv4)

A quick How-To summary:
  1. Buy, Beg, Borrow or Steal a Spring Horse
  2. Install Bluetooth adapter HW & SW Drivers
  3. Sync WiiMote with PC
  4. Affix WiiMote to Horse (I used painter’s tape to the horse’s hind quarters (See 00:27 in video)
  5. Install GlovePie
  6. Load joystick script in GlovePie (included in GlovePie)
  7. Load Need for Speed (PC Game)
  8. Config controls in NFS by moving the Horse when assigning keys for:
    1. Accelerate
    2. Brake
    3. Left
    4. Right
    5. Change View (Optional) Hook up to Large Display (Optional but preferable)
  9. Move Furniture out of the way
  10. Start Game
  11. Lean forward, Elbows in, hands tightly gripping handle
  12. Have Fun
Note: I will post a detailed How-to/Video at the first available opportunity.

Back Story - How I got the Idea:
My sister-in-law, K., keeps her house pretty organized, no clutter, nothing out of place, no messing with the Feng Shui (link to http://fengshui.happyhomezone.com/livingroom/). So my wife and I thought we would mess with her. So we placed a spring hobby horse outside her house at midnight. The next morning as her kids opened their front door they saw the spring horse staring at them from their front yard. You would have thought it was Christmas by their reaction.

Two or three weeks later, though her kids loved the horse, K. could not take the clutter of a horse in here living room, she paid my two sons a dollar each to carry the horse back across the street to my house.

When I walked into the house after work one day the spring horse was sitting in my foyer. I had been playing with the Wii Remote a lot with the PC lately, and the idea just came to me. I discussed it with co-workers then next day, during a network outage, as we were just sitting around chatting.

Then that night it took about 5 minutes to modify a the GlovePie - Generic Joystick Driver script. I haphazardly taped the Wii mote to horse’s rear. I then make the following poor quality video with my phone.
(If you watch that video please take into account I was both sleep deprived and a little excited at what I thought was a cool little hack.)

NOTE TO EDITOR: Feel free to edit text to your heart’s content. Please Call me when you post this or you have any questions 919-623-5497 
email to both
Thanks, Mark

P.S. I love this site. (But everyone says that)
November 30, 2007

My Post to the Gizmodo article

Hello fellow gamers, Wiiheads, modders, hackers,

I am the proud dad of the WiiMote Horse Riders.

To begin I would like to thank everyone that has commented on this ‘Wii’ little project. Your discussions on this topic have been fascinating to follow. Never in a million years did we expect to generate this much interest in project put together in 10-15 minutes.

My boys and I check, youtube (http://youtube.com/watch?v=cBV8lx5qUv4) the original place of posting, and now Gizmodo, most every night to see “How many hits do we have now, daddy?”

We enjoy the positive comments, “That’s awesome”, “that’s so freakin’ awesome”, “No freaking way!!! That’s awesome!!!” from MohamedLikeme, Daubo & aramanx respectivly. We started to see a pattern fairly quickly.

Some of our favorite quotes are:

“esta loco…” — dknerygar,

“Seriously, that is the single most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life…. (I do lead a sheltered life)” — zorblaz

I do have have to say that one of the comments did upset my son. THOMASKR wrote , “one more thing: smart family, bad accents.” my non-horse riding son replies with. “I was just excited and relaxed and was talking funny, that was mean”. But in the end, no harm done, he’s already over it (I think).

Now to clear up some inaccuracies regarding this video. Or to be more precise, the re-packaging of this video. Let me address the introduction of this video as posted on gizmodo.com by Glumbert.

“These kids are little future modders, using household objects to take their gaming to the next level, and we salute them.”
YESmy kids are very bright and are pretty inventive, and we return your salute, but
NOThey did not come up with this on there own. Though it does make a great story.

“By simply attaching a Wiimote to the back of a rocking horse, they’ve created some sort of crazy horse/motorcycle arcade game …”
NO - The game is not a hybrid horsecycle, it’s a hybrid horsemobile, Horse/Automobile Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

…in their own basement.”
NO –
“It’s not in our basement, It’s in our den. “That guy is craaaaaazzzzy to think it’s in our basement”. Quote by My Non-Wiihorse riding son.

“Sure, you have no access to the buttons and it only works on the kind of mediocre game that requires only the most basic of controller-twisting, but it does look like fun.”

TRUE – The buttons and the remote are not right in front of you, that would spoil the illusion that you were actually riding on a horse, duh. We couldn’t have that so we taped them to the horse’s hind quarters.

but FALSE in the sense that – We DO have access to the buttons. We just turn around and hit the “A” button to change the view OR the “SomeotherbuttonthatIcan’trememberexactlywhichone” button to pause the game, but why would you want to do either?

and the final comment from [Glumbert]

“And the little dude’s got an admirable amount of control over his vehicle. Ride on, young modders.”

TRUE, TRUE HOW ENTIRELY TRUE. - My Wiihorse riding son replies “Did you hear what he said daddy? He said ‘How ADMIRABLE (this word is drawn out) my control of the horse was!’ ”

“Yes, I think he was talking about how well you were able to control the car WITH the horse.” I replied


I wonder where he picked up that wonderful phrase!? (See positive comments above).

Thank you Glumber, for this post. And Gizmodo for this forum. And especially to the forum members for your wonderful support and comments.


Laptop (XP)

Blue Tooth Adapter


GlovePie (Software in between the Wiimote and the application).

A quick How-To summary:

  1. Buy, Beg, Borrow Steal a Spring Horse

  2. Install Blue tooth adapter HW/SW

  3. Sync WiiMote with PC

  4. Affix WiiMote to Horse (I used painter’s tape to hind quarter’s (See 00:27 in video)

  5. Install GlovePie

  6. Load joystick script in GlovePie (included in GlovePie)

  7. Load Need for Speed (PC Game)

  8. Config controls in NFS by moving the horse when assigning keys for:

    1. accelerate

    2. brake

    3. left

    4. right

  9. Hook up to Large Display (Optional but preferable)

  10. Move Furniture out of the way

  11. Start Game

  12. Lean forward, Elbows in, hands tightly gripping handle

  13. Have Fun (Mandatory)

  14. Shoot Video (Obligatory)

  15. Post your video (Receive Glory)

Note: I will post a detailed how-to at the first available opportunity.

(Not sure when that will be. Our lives are so full other other fun stuff that it’s hard to find time.

To illustrate the truth in that statement above, ponder this:

My boy’s and I have only rode the WiiMote Horse one time. It was just by change that I caught it on video, camera was at hand as I was getting ready to go the in-laws for Thanksgiving. This was the first and only time that we have had a chance to ride “Silver”, the horse’s name. So forgive me If it takes a day or two to post the full procedure.)

One last thing. My brother-in-law used to race flat track. He has a cool looking yellow flat track cycle sitting in his garage, as it has for the last 10 years or so. I am going to try to talk him into letting me ‘borrow’ it for the creation of a motorcycle simulator. I’m thinking MotoGP 2007? So if anyone is willing to help me fabricate a frame to go around this bike, and/or has some really big springs laying about, I would appreciate an email or im.

Humbly yours,

Mark, the WiiMoteRider’s Dad

Contact information can be found at http://wiimotehorse.tumblr.com

November 29, 2007

Contact Me (Link Subject to change)

If you would like to contact me with comments, questions, or just want to invite yourself over to ride, send me an e-mail.

Seriously, that is the single most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life…. (I do lead a sheltered life)
zorblaz (youtube.com)

The video that started it all, as posted on Youtube.

Spring Horse with attached wiimote controling need for speed.